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Client Request we Hear Too Often

Common Client Requests We Hear too Often

Clients — regardless if they’re large or small — can sometimes be vague and somewhat unrealistic when it comes to design guidance and requests. We love our clients, and they mean well, but often we live in two different worlds. Part of a good agency partner is not only design but also educate.

Regardless of the reason, here are the top ten client requests we hear too often, yet secretly cringe when we get them.



LOOK Inside: Managing Remote Client Relationships

Client Meetings

Oftentimes clients come to us having never worked with an agency before. To them, it can seem like a mysterious process in which they come in with a problem and magically a brand/website/campaign comes out of it. We’d like to shed some light on how we work as a creative partner. In this blog series we will share common client questions and agency answers — a “LOOK Inside” our process!