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Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco

LuLu’s Mexican Food has relied on LOOK to help deliver authentic, fresh creative since their first restaurant opened on the Alameda in Menlo Park in 2005. We are excited to help celebrate their most recent launch of LuLu’s in Campbell — their fifth location. We help with all the fun stuff like digital marketing campaigns, creating their “Salsa Galsa” customer centric platform, in store menus, gift cards, apparel, etc. — basically, anything and everything that involves their brand which is truly clever and all organic!

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Lulu’s Mexican Restaurant: Marketing That’s Muy Caliente

LuLu’s Mexican Restaurant created an organic an authentic menu that sets them apart compared to other local chains. Each item is made fresh at the time of the order. LOOK approached building their Brand with the same attention to detail. We have created original campaigns for their digital, social media and loyalty rewards programs along with numerous other retail items including in store and outdoor signage, menu’s, gift cards, advertisements, employee apparel and adverting.


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Visa: Stewards of a Global Brand

In a relationship that’s spanned 12 years, we’ve helped Visa connect with consumers, build bold B2B marketing strategies, and launch breakthrough brands like Visa Checkout. We’re a serious player in financial services marketing because we help brands stand out, share their most powerful stories, provide tools for partners, and drive preference for bottom-line benefit.