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How web design has changed over the past 10 years

How web design has changed over the past 10 years

With the tremendous rise in internet usage over the past ten years, it is essential for companies to have an online presence. The high volume of online traffic is providing new content every day. With this, web design needs to stay current and in order to keep audiences engaged with user-friendly, responsive design. Below, we explore current web design trends and those that are outdated.



Top 5 Typography Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

Finding new and unique ways to manipulate type has become a constant mission for many creatives because we want content to stand out, make waves and surprise our audience. Over the past few months, several trends have surfaced, which we’ll take a look at below. Whether they are used for an advertisement, infographic, or other creative project, these typography trends will showcase personality, sophistication and unique expression in any piece of work.

top 5 website best practices for 2018

Out with the Old, In with the New: Web Design in 2018

Web design is becoming an increasingly popular requirement for brand, company and individual success. Why? Everyone is attached to some sort of a device because of work or personal use. People communicate through WiFi, whether that is through platforms like iMessage, Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Messaging. The only way to keep us engaged these days is through interactive web experiences.

How do I, as a company or brand, engage users effectively? There are several ways to accomplish this successfully; sometimes it involves paying a large sum to someone who can make your site beautiful and ever present on the World Wide Web, but most of the time, some of these can be done through hosting sites and with a little finagling of your web design.


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School Branding & Websites: Enhancing admissions with standout websites

What makes a school special? What lives at the core of its brand? How are they different? At LOOK, we’re experts in uncovering these answers and expressing them to the world. But more than just a branding exercise, in education, re-branding has to be a collaborative process. We work closely with school leadership to capture the essence of each school, and then we oversee the entire redesign from branding and messaging to site design and photography. This high-touch approach adds up to powerful admissions impact.