El Camino Healthcare District Hypertension Campaign

Raising awareness can save lives

Many times clients come to us with the request to help them increase brand or product awareness in order to gain market share.

El Camino Healthcare District came to LOOK to help them create a public awareness campaign in order to SAVE LIVES in their community. High blood pressure (hypertension) is called the “silent killer”. Many times, there are no symptoms, and the only way people can protect themselves from a heart attack or stroke is to KNOW their blood pressure, and to take steps to lower it if they are at risk.


Visa Diversity Campaign

Women Making a Difference

It was recently brought to our attention how proud we should be, having built and thrived in our industry for over 17 years as a women-owned and operated creative agency. In recent news—with what seems to be a wave of career challenges for our gender—we need to stand proud and be loud. It was upsetting to read the recent article in The New Yorker about Silicon Valley’s dramatic pay imbalance for females.


Wornick Jewish Day School Admissions Brochure

No Two Schools Are Alike

LOOK has branded 11 schools and counting. One thing that is abundantly clear to us is that we cannot make assumptions about schools in general.

Our discovery process takes little time to uncover the very unique personality of each school and the students who attend them. Each school administrator will tell you that they are not competing for students with other area schools, but rather they want to attract the student who is the right fit for their specific school.


Cardinal Newman High School Comeback Campaign 2018

Client Spotlight: Cardinal Newman High School

Cardinal Newman High School is devastated by the Santa Rosa Fire. Staying close to the brands we create is a joy for any agency, but it can be painful.

Taking a client through the branding process creates a special relationship between the agency and the client team involved. Schools very often create a large stakeholder group to work with the agency during the branding exercise. They often make decisions by consensus, which requires an agency that listens and responds to each stakeholder’s view. This also usually requires more time and more design options on the part of the agency, along with gentle guidance on branding best practices.