top 5 website best practices for 2018

Out with the Old, In with the New: Web Design in 2018

Web design is becoming an increasingly popular requirement for brand, company and individual success. Why? Everyone is attached to some sort of a device because of work or personal use. People communicate through WiFi, whether that is through platforms like iMessage, Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Messaging. The only way to keep us engaged these days is through interactive web experiences.

How do I, as a company or brand, engage users effectively? There are several ways to accomplish this successfully; sometimes it involves paying a large sum to someone who can make your site beautiful and ever present on the World Wide Web, but most of the time, some of these can be done through hosting sites and with a little finagling of your web design.


Conviva Infographic

Client Spotlight: Conviva

The hottest video platform company in the next generation of TV asked LOOK to create their “Market Year in Review” completely in infographics. It was a creative challenge we love to take on — one that mixes both sides of the brain — data and design.

We started first by establishing a brand style for all of the companies core icons like “ viewer data, viewing time, plays, concurrency, devices, etc., in both color and design. If you don’t know what all these terms mean, you certainly will now that we created simple illustrative icons to represent each solution.


Visa Diversity Inclusion Campaigns

It’s Proven, Diversity Brings Productivity and Employee Happiness (and Profits)

Why not hire an Agency that not only is part of a global effort to be D+I compliant, but also has experience working for Fortune 500 companies on their latest campaigns?

International Women’s Day, Black History Month, Pride — All companies, no matter what size, need to seek diversity, create inclusion and drive profits. Studies show that diverse workplaces are more productive and profitable. Many companies have already adopted policies to become more LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) inclusive as seen in our recent Pride campaign for Visa. That campaign helped us procure a new website project for San Mateo County’s Pride Center — the first of it’s kind outside a major city!