Visa Cashless World Report

Innovations for a Cashless World by Visa

It isn’t every day we get asked to create an immense, comprehensive report (over 80 pages) for one of Visa’s most important initiatives — Innovation for a Cashless World. It was both an opportunity and a challenge. An opportunity to prove that the trust Visa placed in LOOK for such a key global project was not misplaced. A challenge to push the Innovation Center Brand Guidelines further, make the data and analytics more visually global in nature, and most importantly, weave together one united story from numerous viewpoints and subject matter authors. 

We thrive on challenges and we only approach these kinds of projects one way — ALL IN!

If it wasn’t for our incredibly focused and collaborative Visa team lead, Ben Sharp, this report would still be back in the findings queue. Thank you, Ben, for keeping us all in the fast lane.

The outcome has been beyond expectations. There are five custom covers so each region can have their own. Now, we are packaging each topic from the report into “snackable” modules, and creating an interactive version for Visa to distribute around the world. This project is our biggest and most extensive one for 2018.

Please take a moment and view the work. Enjoy!

“LOOK’s strategic team drove my vision this year to develop a cohesive global thought leadership report that spanned across five different geographic regions. They took complex data and multiple points of view and created a unique and compelling design aesthetic and one cohesive, innovative story. They delivered this extensive project efficiently, on a short time frame due to their strong project management and engagement. I am very proud of the teamwork and I look forward to working on more projects together!”

– Ben Sharp, Innovation & Design, Visa

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