StarVista Website Design

Creating a brand and website that shines

StarVista has been helping people throughout San Mateo County navigate life’s challenges for over 50 years. Not only is StarVista an essential program that serves our local community, but they also provide thought leadership that supports people across the country. We were thrilled to be selected by the non-profit to refresh their brand, messaging and website because we are ‘neighbors’ in our community, and it is one of our passions to enable non-profits to market their services in a brighter light!

In terms of the brand, we created a new dimensional rainbow “Star” identity to reinforce their name, the services they offer, and the multiple hues reflect the diverse clients they help. That colorful strategy became the springboard for their new messaging, website structure and personality.

When it came down to the website, one of the most important tasks that was asked of LOOK was to organize their programs. StarVista offers a variety of programs which are complex and were very hard to find and navigate on the old website. LOOK worked closely with their team to strategize and come up with a way to arrange the entire wireframe that makes sense. Now, the current navigation and programs list is easy to find and navigate for anyone who visits the StarVista website.

We look forward to watching their new brand enable them to grow and shine. Click here to see the new site!

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