Top 5 Typography Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

Finding new and unique ways to manipulate type has become a constant mission for many creatives because we want content to stand out, make waves and surprise our audience. Over the past few months, several trends have surfaced, which we’ll take a look at below. Whether they are used for an advertisement, infographic, or other creative project, these typography trends will showcase personality, sophistication and unique expression in any piece of work.

1. Bold sans serif

Bold san serif font example

(Image source: Tilda)

Sans serif fonts like Open Sans, Proxima Nova and Gotham have become extremely popular in web design, graphic design, and advertisements as they offer an extremely bold yet simple way to communicate short and important statements. Try layering one of these fonts over a solid color, pattern, or edited photo!

2. Highlighted type (I see you, Instagram)

Instagram feature

(Image source: Instagram)

Instagram has introduced several different fonts that users can use to enhance their Instagram stories. With these fonts, words can be highlighted to make stories more creative and colorful. The variety of type and highlight colors can make images really pop, even if they’re not used specifically for Instagram stories!

3. Layering (look at calendars)

Layering fonts example

(Image source: The Queen of Hearts (left); Pinterest (right))

Layering text adds another dimension to a design. Landscapes, flowers and other elements are being wrapped in front of and behind text to add an enhanced level of integration. Type can be manipulated to fit behind mountains, flowers, etc., creating a more dynamic image.

4. Gradients on solid background (Alaska Airlines)

Gradients on solid background typography example

(Image source: Alaska Airlines)

There has been a reintroduction of gradients to typography and ads over the past few months. One of Alaska Airlines’ most recent campaigns featured a series of individuals paired with a call to action, overlaid with an iconic blue-green gradient. This treatment was originally used by Virgin America, so Alaska Airlines used it to visually tie it back to the new brand acquisition.

5. Custom hand lettering

Custom hand lettering

(Image source: Dribbble)

Calligraphers have begun posting photos of their custom hand lettering, causing the Internet to explode with a massive script typography frenzy. As a result, designers have begun scanning this hand lettering, which they then use to layer on images. The subtle imperfections of handwriting adds a unique, human element that computer-generated typography lacks. Calligraphers are now enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

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