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From Brain to Brand: 5 Essentials to Build Your Brand from Scratch

There is so much to be inspired by every single day, whether you’re browsing though social media, walking down the street, looking at public as you contemplate your brand and start to doodle logo designs. But how can you get that brand idea from your head to reality? It’s not as daunting as you think. If you’re building a brand from scratch, you’ll need to consider the following five essentials. We think it will help.

1. Find your niche audience

Brands want to appeal to everyone, but it’s important to discover exactly who needs, or could benefit from, your products or services. By figuring our that target audience( i.e., Midwestern men over 40, college students, working moms, etc.) you will know what type of brand attributes will attract them.

2. Analyze competitors

Researching companies that may be offering something similar to what your business is offering is important. Developing a brand that is distinctive and can rise above the “noise” is key. Competing brands can also provide valuable lessons of what to do and not do when establishing your brand. For instance, a vegan products company developed a “vegan” shampoo but in the product development phase tested it on animals. This resulted in a loss of brand trust, which could never really be regained.

3. Develop your voice — how is your brand unique

How are you going to connect with your audience on a personal level? Your brand needs some kind of personality in order for the audience to connect to it. The brand personality will be expressed by the messaging, the tone and the style of the visuals. This personality will permeate all brand touch points from social media to package design. This will help your audience understand key attributes, benefits and the mission of your company.

4. Create brand presence

Once you have identified your target audience it should be easy to determine where your brand will live in order to reach them and attract
their attention. You may consider many channels— website, social and other digital media, traditional advertising, TV, radio. In order to build brand equity and the resulting loyalty It’s crucial that your brand is expressed consistently across all platforms.

5. Make it come to life!

This is where an agency (like us) comes in. You may have an idea of what you want your brand to look like and to sound like but you need a professional third party to make your ideas a reality. Branding and advertising agencies provide resources that will take your ideas beyond your expectations. It’s their job to go beyond the limits of your imagination by using strategic creative “muscle” to create a memorable brand that YOU can own and be proud of.

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