Client Request we Hear Too Often

Common Client Requests We Hear too Often

Clients — regardless if they’re large or small — can sometimes be vague and somewhat unrealistic when it comes to design guidance and requests. We love our clients, and they mean well, but often we live in two different worlds. Part of a good agency partner is not only design but also educate.

Regardless of the reason, here are the top ten client requests we hear too often, yet secretly cringe when we get them.

Make it “POP”

make it pop

This is probably one of the most popular and most generic client requests we receive, and the most unhelpful. We think what they mean to say is make it stand out above the noise. We can do that.

Can you copy this design, but make it better?

copy design

Original design is the reason a client works with an agency. Copying an existing design in not an option.

Can you make this editable in Word, PowerPoint, etc.?

Editable with Word

Design tools are optimal for exporting files for digital and print. It’s likely that the final product won’t turn out as expected, and may look less than optimal, when using other programs.

This is a fast turn-around – can we see something “today”?

Fast agency requests

While we wish we could snap our fingers and have something quick, and can’t always deliver something overnight. Good design takes time, and we want to create the best for our clients.

You’re the professional, so I trust you to come up with something.

Just do whatever you think

While we pride ourselves in our creative thinking, the client needs to be a part of the process in order for the best result.

I don’t like that, but I can’t tell you why.

I don't like it

It’s okay to not like something, but it’s good to know the reasoning behind it. That way, we can move forward with additional client guidance. Collaboration is key.

This change should only take you a minute to do.

Only take a minute

Something that may seem minor to the client may take more time than they think.

What do you mean this photo is too small to use?

Low res photo

Clients often provide over pixelated, low-quality photos (thank you, smartphone). These are extremely hard to use, and can compromise the quality of the work.

Why can’t you use this JPG of our logo?

Logo jpgs

JPGs are not recommended for print projects, because JPGs are made for digital purposes and can be compressed into a lower quality.

Can’t you just use a picture from Google Images?

Google images

With so many images out there, some clients are not aware of copyright restrictions. If custom photography is too expensive, purchasing stock is the next best option — and there are some low-cost options out there!

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