Conviva Infographic

Client Spotlight: Conviva

The hottest video platform company in the next generation of TV asked LOOK to create their “Market Year in Review” completely in infographics. It was a creative challenge we love to take on — one that mixes both sides of the brain — data and design.

We started first by establishing a brand style for all of the companies core icons like “ viewer data, viewing time, plays, concurrency, devices, etc., in both color and design. If you don’t know what all these terms mean, you certainly will now that we created simple illustrative icons to represent each solution.

Next came the hard work; taking the numerical and quantitative analytics and translating them into simple, quick to read conclusive power results. Picture creating an annual report with pictures rather then words.

Our outcome was one large scrolling infographic that could be uploaded and viewed online or split up by subject for other uses in the press and in print. Conviva was awesome to work with. Collaborative. Encouraging. And most importantly, their team had super positive energy. Another happy LOOK client!

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