El Camino Healthcare District Hypertension Campaign

Raising awareness can save lives

Many times clients come to us with the request to help them increase brand or product awareness in order to gain market share.

El Camino Healthcare District came to LOOK to help them create a public awareness campaign in order to SAVE LIVES in their community. High blood pressure (hypertension) is called the “silent killer”. Many times, there are no symptoms, and the only way people can protect themselves from a heart attack or stroke is to KNOW their blood pressure, and to take steps to lower it if they are at risk.

LOOK created a bold, simple, rather curious, “Know Your Blood Pressure” campaign. The goal of the creative was to point out that any activity in daily life (even relaxing in a hammock) can be risky if you are unaware that you have hypertension. This campaign launched in “street media” and “social media” and reached 100,000 district residents in the first few months. Our client at El Camino Healthcare District is very happy, which is fantastic. Knowing that our work helped alert people to a serious health danger that may keep them healthy and alive is the very best!

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