Visa Diversity Campaign

Women Making a Difference

It was recently brought to our attention how proud we should be, having built and thrived in our industry for over 17 years as a women-owned and operated creative agency. In recent news—with what seems to be a wave of career challenges for our gender—we need to stand proud and be loud. It was upsetting to read the recent article in The New Yorker about Silicon Valley’s dramatic pay imbalance for females.

The stories made us recall many meetings we have attended in the Valley where we were disrespected, or felt discriminated upon because we were women. How about the time when we were in the middle of our capabilities, and the male CEO just got up, walked across our screen, and left the room to never return or apologize. Or, the time we had to sit and pitch with a huge Rhodesian ridgeback dog growling at us under the table. Do you know how many all male company pitch meetings we left and both said, “if we had a man at the table, we would win the business”.

The stories go on and on, but luckily we have been able to survive and thrive staying confident, doing great work, and loving what we do enough to look at the positive things we CAN control and influence. Both Mary and I (Betsy) had a goal when we founded LOOK—to create an environment that fostered employees to have a work/life balance. Over the years, most of our staff have been women from varying backgrounds, ethnicities and stages in life, yet the common thread has been to hire collaborative, smart, confident team players.

We are most excited to be able to leverage that perspective and power into recent campaigns for Visa’s Diversity efforts, including Pride, Black History Month and International Women’s Day. We are already parlaying this creative work in other ways that we will be sharing soon. Check out the campaigns, and feel free to comment—we need to all speak up to make a difference!

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