Wornick Jewish Day School Admissions Brochure

No Two Schools Are Alike

LOOK has branded 11 schools and counting. One thing that is abundantly clear to us is that we cannot make assumptions about schools in general.

Our discovery process takes little time to uncover the very unique personality of each school and the students who attend them. Each school administrator will tell you that they are not competing for students with other area schools, but rather they want to attract the student who is the right fit for their specific school.

The passionate executive team at Wornick Jewish Day School gave us a good foundation that helped us begin to understand the unique qualities of the school, the program and the students. It was during our photo shoot, when we got to spend a couple days on campus with students, that we began to see it for ourselves. The kids are extremely engaged, very excited to learn, eager to communicate, and so free to be themselves. The school was full of action and energy, and yet there was this peaceful cooperation and respect we could feel between kids and their school mates, as well as between kids and teachers. Oh and yes, it is a Jewish school and these are, for the most part, Jewish kids.

They are members of the oldest religion on the planet, and while Wornick Jewish Day School is a beautiful reflection of Jewish traditions, it is taking those traditions into 21st century with learning programs that showcase the finest educational innovation.

We are fortunate to work with such dedicated educators, and meet and engage with such vibrant students. As an agency our responsibility is to provide messaging and marketing material that attracts students to a place that is right for them, a place where they will thrive, a place that is like home. Wornick made that easy to do.

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