Cardinal Newman High School Comeback Campaign 2018

Client Spotlight: Cardinal Newman High School

Cardinal Newman High School is devastated by the Santa Rosa Fire. Staying close to the brands we create is a joy for any agency, but it can be painful.

Taking a client through the branding process creates a special relationship between the agency and the client team involved. Schools very often create a large stakeholder group to work with the agency during the branding exercise. They often make decisions by consensus, which requires an agency that listens and responds to each stakeholder’s view. This also usually requires more time and more design options on the part of the agency, along with gentle guidance on branding best practices.

Because of this collaboration, and the growing trust of the agency, a deep bond between the school team and the agency develops. And so it was with Cardinal Newman High School. We rebranded them in 2015, and created a recruitment strategy, website and admissions material.

Cardinal Newman is a college preparatory high school with a stellar reputation and tradition. It is supported by a very close Santa Rosa community. The new president came on board to support the administration goals to expand the STEM program, and continue to grow enrollment with innovative programs across the curriculum. A new multimillion dollar science facility had just been completed and the school, as they say, was on a roll!

Then the recent Santa Rosa fires hit, taking a huge toll on the school with half of the buildings burning down, and many school families losing their homes. The admissions staff of the school wants to make sure that the sense of community within the school remains intact, and that the community knows that the school is coming back better than ever. Our “Comeback Campaign” is launching this week. LOOK remains committed to helping insure that the prospective parents and students of the community know that Cardinal Newman High School will be there, better than ever, for the upcoming freshman class of 2018.

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