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Digital Disruption By Design

Anytime an agency has an opportunity to work with a client who is completely changing the game, you jump on it!

LOOK provided the creative for the Apigee world tour which is entitled “Adapt or Die.” The theme itself told us that this new client – a leading provider of API technology and services – was courageous, bold and not about to mince words. Passion is a word that is so overused but we struggle to avoid it because the Apigee team’s passion was so contagious, that bringing the theme to life for the tour gave us a “creative rush” that had the LOOK team almost giddy!

We understood Apigee’s commitment to “democratizing digital” and designed a set of “digital citizens” to illustrate the fact that all of us are leading digital lives now, and if companies are lagging and not aligned with people’s real lives they will be left behind. They must “Adapt or Die.”

LOOK provided a complete series of collateral for five-city international tour, including the pre-tour communications, the venues themselves and the CEO keynote presentations.

Thank you Apigee for being such an inspirational client!

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